Formula for a Perfect Breakfast (Coffee Doesn’t Cut It!)

“People who start their day on empty are 75% more likely to be overweight than regular a.m. eaters.” 

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and should also be your biggest meal of the day. As the day goes on and comes to a close, you should taper off your meals and have smaller portions. The goal is to fuel your body first thing in the morning. You are going to burn it off as the day goes by. Your evening meals should be light, as you are about to lay down to rest for the next day.

Many people have the misconception that dinner should be the biggest meal. The truth is that if you eat a large meal before bed, you are going to gain weight. Although the body does burn calories while resting, it does not burn nearly as many while you are awake and moving.

What is the anatomy of the perfect breakfast to get your day going? I found a great article that really explains what your breakfast should consist of.

Check it out >>>Formula for a Perfect Breakfast (Coffee Doesn’t Cut It!) Food & Diet:

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