What drives you?

What drives you to be you,everyday? What drives you to get up before anyone else to get to the gym, before anyone else? What drives you to push past your comfort zone? What drives you to crank out those last 2 reps or that last 30 seconds? What drives you to […]?

3 thoughts on “Drive

  1. What drives me every day is the idea that I have a goal that is unique to me. A goal that not everyone understands. A goal that seems impossible to others but one that I know I can achieve. It’s not about proving anything to anyone but myself. It’s about knowing that I have the power to succeed and so I will.

  2. Christina, I have the same mentality. Many people do not understand why I do what I do, sacrifice certain things, stay dedicated and disciplined. I do it for me and those who came before me. If others did it, I can do it! If people after me want to do it, they CAN! And, so it is! Love your feedback! Thank you!!!! 🙂

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