Why Trim Hair?

Trimming hair when growth appears to be slow or stagnant can allow hair to reach a new longer length (read the first part here!). When the cuticle layer (outside covering of the hair) is thinned down, it no longer offers as much protection to the internal cortex. The hair at the end therefore becomes a split end hot spot (see the diagram below!!)

Read more >> http://blackgirllonghair.com/2012/08/does-trimming-hair-actually-make-it-grow-faster/?utm_source=Black+Girl+with+Long+Hair+Newsletter&utm_campaign=f15beef623-6+Best+Styles+for+Hiding+Multiple&utm_medium=email

One thought on “Why Trim Hair?

  1. I recently cut (not trimmed) my hair. It’s chin length now and the day I cut it myself last week, I felt happier about it. For sure the hair needed a lift – i.e. the cut.


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