In the Event of an Emergency…


I recently became certified in First Aid and CPR. During the class, I learned that I should always look for a medical alert bracelet, necklace, anklet, etc. on the victim should they happen to be unresponsive or unable to tell me what is wrong with them.

Medical alert jewelry is very beneficial and can aid any health professional in assisting someone who is in need of medical attention. If you have any special medical condition(s) or allergies, it is important to have this type of information on you. If you do not keep it in your wallet, then having a piece of jewelry on at all times with this valuable information, could save your life.

This made me think about myself as well, so I decided to get my own medical alert jewelry in the form of a bracelet. They can be purchased anywhere. I found mine on the internet at There are so many websites with different options, styles, charms, etc., to select. Trust me, I looked at many websites, but n-style had the looks I liked and were more affordable.


imageThe color(s) you choose do not matter. It comes down to your own personal taste, and as long as it contains the most important valuable medical information, you are good to go. The one I chose is pictured here. It’s stainless steel, simple, and small. My information is engraved on the inside. I chose to disclose my name, blood type, allergies, and medical condition.

What you choose to disclose is all up to you!

Consider investing in one today!

It could save your life!




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