What is An Effective And Progressive Workout Plan?

An effective and progressive workout plan consists of:

1. Consistent routines

Create a routine and stick to it based on the schedule you have created (see #2).

2. Consistent planning

Plan your routine ahead of time and stick to it. Create a schedule – daily, weekly, or monthly. From time to time, don’t be afraid to switch it up. After you’ve done the same routine for a month, you will reach a plateau. That’s when it’s time to plan something new.

3. Consistent measurement and tracking

Keep track of what you are doing during each routine.

4. Consistent progress

If you are keeping track of what you are doing during each routine, you should also be setting goals you want to accomplish in the next routine. Each time you complete a goal – progress!

source: http://www.musclespro.com/2012/04/an-effective-and-progressive-workout-plan.html

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2 thoughts on “What is An Effective And Progressive Workout Plan?

  1. Hey well summarized I found this post while tracking the links to one of my Ezine articles, could not have put it better myself. I also wanted to just say that I really like your blog, I for one have been trying to convince my mother to work out and start taking better care of herself. I am not African American or American so I do not know how it is like there with regards to health among women of color or women in general but here in South Africa African women like being bigger in size often not healthy especially the older generation so it is very difficult trying to convince any African woman in her 40 or upwards to exercise or eat healthier.

  2. Convincing others to workout can be very difficult, especially those who are older. Most don’t understand the positive effects of eating healthy and exercising. Sometimes, there is nothing you can do except be a good example. Some will follow, some one will not. Research shows that the majority of women of color in America do not work out or eat healthy. Many are overweight here, as well. So, you are not alone in your battle to motivate others to live and do better for themselves. Thank you so much for your comments! I’m glad you like my blog!

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