Self-Love Sunday Tip: Try a Different Approach!

Sometimes we can get caught up thinking that there is only one way to do a “thing” or get a “thing” done.

We beat ourselves up because we didn’t, or aren’t, doing it the “right” way.

Today’s Self-Love tip is to remind you that there is more than one way to reach your goal or to get a “thing” done.

Don’t be so hard on yourself, or so stubborn, or so stuck on how it should get done. If one way isn’t working for you, try another way.

Happy Selflove Sunday! ❤

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. . . when you distance yourself from the negative stuff!

Removing yourself from toxic situationships, relationships, jobs, family, friends, etc. and anything else that makes you unhappy in order to be happy – IS SELFLOVE! Start loving on yourself today.

Happy Selflove Sunday!