Lack of Sleep. . .

…Increases Stroke Risk!Lack of Sleep Increases Stroke Risk

Believe it or not, you cause more stress to the body when you do not get proper rest. This can result in many types of physical or chronic conditions in the body, including stroke.

“The 30 percent of working adults who routinely sleep less than six hours a night are four times more likely to suffer a stroke, a new study says.” 

This even applies to those who are considered healthy and have no other factors that would associate them to trigger it!

So, try to remember to get some REST!

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Healthy Tip #2: Multi-Vitamins Make Multi-Sense: GET SOME!

If you are not taking a multivitamin, then read on…

For your body to perform at maximum levels, it must have access to all the essential nutrients, especially when your goal is to maintain or increase muscle tone. Some benefits of multivitamins are:

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