Twist-out Tips for Natural or Relaxed Hair!

Twist-outs are great for natural and relaxed hair!

Bantu Knots – My Best NEW Friend!


So, now that I have more length,  Bantu Knots have become my favorite go to remedy for producing the best defined curls for my 4C hair texture. A year ago, bantu knots were last on my list.

I’ve been sticking with protective styling throughout this winter season, which has proven beneficial for my hair.

Sometimes, I like to have a little hair out & love my curly, bantu knot-out bangs!




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Braid and Curl Tutorial

How Did You Get that Curl?

This is a great article that describes how our curl pattern is defined from the follicle plus more information on steps to maintain moisture! >>> Curves, Coils and Curls by Dr. Kari Williams