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28-Day Detox Challenge – Day 4 – In Full Effect!


I did it!

I consumed 128 oz of water yesterday. This is equivalent to one gallon. I’m well on my way now! Cleansing is in full effect!

Are you getting enough water? How much water have you had in the last few days? 64 oz should be your minimum daily water intake. For a real cleansing, join me in the 28-Day Detox Challenge.

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28-Day Detox Challenge: Week 1, Day 3

On DAY 1, I consumed 98 of 128 oz (1 gallon).

DAY 2, I consumed 106 oz. I was so close!

DAY 3 is off to a slow start. So far, I’ve only had 8 oz.

How much water have you had today or planning to have?