28-Day Detox Challenge: See what had happened was…

Honestly, LIFE….

I’m sure by now, you are wondering what has been going on with my 28-Day Detox Challenge. I must admit that I fell off quicker than I thought I would. Hey – I’m human. Getting down 1 gallon each day is challenging, although I have been getting in at least one-half gallon per day. It felt really good to get the gallon down when I did. My nails strengthened, hair held more moisture, skin cleared, and I felt more energized.

So what had happened was …. One day, I got off track with several things happening that day, and I honestly could not get back on track. Then, it was one thing after another. I’m sure you can understand.

BUT, I am going to resume this challenge. I’m going to take it one week at a time. Getting down the proper amount of water is a must, and I hope that you join me this time.

That’s why they call it a challenge, right?! If you fall off, you fall off, but get back on and keep trying!

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28-Day Detox Challenge – Day 4 – In Full Effect!


I did it!

I consumed 128 oz of water yesterday. This is equivalent to one gallon. I’m well on my way now! Cleansing is in full effect!

Are you getting enough water? How much water have you had in the last few days? 64 oz should be your minimum daily water intake. For a real cleansing, join me in the 28-Day Detox Challenge.

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