It is OK to Start Over!

It Is OK to start over, and it does not matter how many times you have to do it as long as you don’t quit. In my health, wellness and fitness journey, I have started over numerous times and at one point I felt really bad about it. Today, I realize that I shouldn’t feel bad about it because I’m human, and as long as I have not completely quit then it’s OK to start over, re-center yourself and continue on to the goal that you have set for yourself. The path may have changed but it doesn’t mean that you’re going in the wrong direction. In fact, you are probably closer than you were before! Sometimes, we have to go through darkness, valleys and blindness before our eyes are opened and we see the light that lights the path that we must take to move forward!

Fit Pouch Brand Ambassador

I have been selected to be a Brand Ambassador for Fit Pouch!

These awesome cell phone cases are great for working out! They are sweatproof and come in three different sizes – S, M, L. What you see, in the photo below, is a large, which fits my Samsung Galaxy Note perfectly. It is a large phone, and this is the first exercise case I’ve found that fits.

The case is magnetic and can be worn/hung anywhere. In addition, there are holes for your earplugs, should you need them.

As an Ambassador, I am able to extend to you a 10% discount off your purchase. Use my code: FP437292.


It’s Like Vegas. . .

. . .Whatever happens there stays there…