Day 25: Relax Your Mind

In your space, focus on connecting your mind with your body for relaxation. Relaxing the body can improve your state of mind.

Consider the muscles in your face and try releasing any tense feelings by smiling. A simple smile signals to the  brain that you are OK.

The mind-body connection is the link between a person’s thoughts, attitudes, behaviors, and physical health.

Have you ever noticed that when you feel anxious, your body feels tight?

Next time you are struggling with an uncomfortable emotion, take a deep breath in, and when you exhale, relax your face and smile.

Day 24: Your Breathing Practice

In your space, bring your focus to your breath.

Breathe through the diaphragm not through the chest. Gently place both your palms on each side of your belly (just below your belly button). 

When inhaling, expand your diaphragm to the point where you can see your hands rising on your belly. Make sure your chest does not rise as well. When exhaling, suck your tummy in towards your back, and continue as to squeeze as much air out as possible. Expelling all of that carbon dioxide from your lungs to inhale again so fresh air.

Try doing this as slowly as possible. When you feel more confident with this type of breathing, count to four when inhaling and to six when exhaling.

No thoughts, just breathe. . .

Day 22: Nurture Your Soul