What A$$Thursday Means. . .

. . . focus on the glutes and work them hard. The gluteus maximus is the largest muscle in the body. It can become inactive very quickly. This is why cellulite occurs. If you are not moving it or working it regularly, the blood flow is minimal. In order to reduce and eliminate cellulite, you must increase the blood flow to that area.

For example, if you work sitting at a desk for 8/9 hours per day, then every hour you need to get up and do something to increase the blood flow to those muscles – squat, standing kickbacks, walk, lunge, deadlift.

You have to start somewhere. TRUST ME, you will see an improvement.

TRY IT for 21 days (every day on the hour), and let me know what you think. #BeConsistent

Below is a glimpse of my glute workout today.

I finished with glute machine kickbacks, jump squats, jump lunges, and 20 minutes on the stair master.

Your turn. . .

A$$Thursday Glute Sets

Here’s a little bit of my Thursday workout to firm up the glutes!