I’ve Been Holding Out…

I confess. . . I’ve been holding out on you. For the last six months, I have been working on my natural hair, but not sharing my progress. Primarily, I have been dealing with my health and trying to stay well and fit. In addition, I ran into issues with my hair, and it was falling out pretty badly. If I touched my hair even a little, I would end up with hair in my hands. This was not good. A year ago, I was under tremendous stress and my health and wellbeing were under attack. I was not well, lost a lot of weight, and it also resulted in the hair loss.

I am happy to say that life has changed for the better! I am happier, stress free, and continuing to work on staying healthy and fit. In the meantime, I decided my hair needed a break from any type of manipulation, so I made the transition into locs. It’s what I’ve always wanted, but wasn’t quite sure I was ready to do especially working in the corporate arena. Now, I am in business for myself and that is no longer an issue. I can be ME!

I am proud to report that the four-month transition is going well, and you are the first to see (besides my family, of course)! NO MORE HAIR LOSS either, and it’s growing fast! I admit that I have not gone out of the house with my locs exposed yet, as I am waiting for more growth and the ability to create different styles and updos.

Twist-out Tips for Natural or Relaxed Hair!

Twist-outs are great for natural and relaxed hair!

Adding Moisture to Your Daily Hair Routine


I must admit I was skeptical when I came across this product a month ago. . .

I was walking through the mall, browsing and wasting time, when I walked past the Aveda store and saw a sign that said something about increasing the moisture in my hair up to 97%.

Considering I have 4C hair, which soaks in moisture like a sponge and still seems dry, I found “97%” to be a very profound claim. I had nearly past the store completely when it finally sinked in. Suddenly, I stopped in my tracks and began to walk backwards. LOL!

My curiosity was peaked, and I had to find out more.  The sales associate was very polite and informative. She let me try some on a few strands of hair. She gave me a GREAT neck and back massage, introduced me to a few other products, and signed me up for a FREE facial the following weekend. Although the perks were compelling, as well as many of the products, I chose not to buy the Dry Remedy product that day, BUT I received a sample with the purchase I did make.

There was enough in the sample to last a couple weeks, as you did not need to apply a lot of it. After the first few days, I did notice a difference. I was pleasantly surprised.

I used the entire sample, and decided that it was worth the purchase. Although I am not fond of the smell, I like the results. My hair is softer, and maintains more moisture. It is packed with natural oil ingredients. It is a little pricey for the size, but like I said, a little goes a long way.

Try it for yourself!


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