My Fall Hair Growth Challenge

I have decided to do a hair challenge. For the last six months, I’ve been doing too much to my hair and I’ve noticed very little growth and lots of shedding. This is typically the time of year my hair sheds a lot.

Last week, I gave myself a good trim and put my hair in two-strand twists. Then, I pinned it up, as shown below.






As part of my fall hair growth challenge, I will keep my hair in twists and pinned up. The goal is to keep my fingers out of my hair as much as possible, only to wash, condition, re-twist, and re-pin.

It’s only been a week, so I will check in again in about three weeks. I researched and found that most people’s hair only grows an inch per month, so I’m going to test that theory.

Are you ready to join me in the hair growth challenge?

Thanks for reading!

~ Crystal’s Whole Health


Curly Hair Growth Chart

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