February is American Heart Month!

Let’s kick off the month by wearing red on February 3 and spreading the word about heart health and heart disease.

Tag Crystal’s Whole Health and the American Heart Association wearing your red.

It is National Wear Red Day!

go-red-for-women-logoKnow Your Risk!

Heart disease is the #1 Killer in women. I lost my mother to this silent disease, which is the very reason I work very hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Early detection is the key! Ladies, please be sure to get regular checkups and take preventative measures to prevent increasing your risk.

Simple steps include:

  1. 30 minutes of physical activity every day
  2. clean eating, and adding more fruits, vegetables, & fiber to your diet
  3. drinking more water; dehydration can lead to heart disease (and many other diseases)
  4. know your family history