90-day Challenge Update!

  two-strand twist out

I DID IT! I made it through my 90-day challenge!

I was able to maintain my natural hair with little to no manipulation for more than 90 days. My hair is showing much appreciation for it! It is longer, healthier, stronger, and a little more dense.  Since I have fine hair, lots of manipulation causes breakage and frizz. This experiment has truly enlightened me about my hair, how to maintain length, and lessen damage.

Since removing my Havana twists (or Marley twists),







my two-strand twist-outs are maintaining curl definition with little frizz and shrinkage, which I had never experienced.  I love it!

two-strand twist out two-strand twist out






I’m so pleased, that I plan to do another 90-day challenge in the upcoming months. Stay tuned!

Thanks for reading!

Braid-out Style!


Love this look!