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Workout Motivation: You’re Too Legit to Quit

Work out like crazy… Slack off… Work out like crazy… Slack off… Sound familiar?

An irregular exercise pattern can raise your body’s natural set point (the weight your biological system naturally tries to maintain) and make it harder to dip below that number. When you don’t exercise regularly, bursts of intense activity require your heart and lungs to work much harder than they are used to and can be damaging physically and emotionally.
So, how do you stay on track year round?
1. Tweak your goals
2. Change up your workout routine regularly
3. Ease into your routine



Heat Styling or Chemical Straightening? Great Tips to Fix that Damaged Hair!

If you style with heat or use any type of chemical on your hair, more than likely your hair is damaged! I found a great article on how to heal damaged hair in both situations!

One of the suggestions for chemical damage is steam treatment with a hot towel. Personally, I like to steam my hair while taking a shower. It is a quick method that can be done when you are in a hurry. Although I must admit using the towel method would come in handy if you are sitting around the house, possibly on the computer (as I almost always am), and you can “kill two birds with one stone,” as some might say.

Want to learn more? Check it out here >>> Burn Notice: Fix Hair Damaged from Beauty Tools | Women’s Health Magazine –