February is American Heart Month!

Let’s kick off the month by wearing red on February 3 and spreading the word about heart health and heart disease.

Tag Crystal’s Whole Health and the American Heart Association wearing your red.

Day 30: Be GRATEFUL!


You are well on your way to see your goals MANIFEST!

February 1 is the day to take all your thoughts and feelings from your meditations and put them into action to achieve your goals.

I wish you much success! 🙌🏾

Day 29: Find Peace

In your space, find peace. Consider all the things that bring you peace, whether or not you reach your intended goal(s).  

Make a mental list of experiences, people, things, hobbies, and things you are passionate about that bring you peace. These are things you can fall back on, in any event. Keep these close and sacred. They are your life line.