Five Things: I’ve learned about my natural hair

Very well said!


I get stopped often on the streets from new naturals about tips and advice for going natural. The one thing that I think my natural newbies are failing to realize is the amount of effort that goes itno staying natural. I have found that newbies fit into two cateogories: those who are just jumping on the band wagon because the end result is so funky and those who genuinely want healthier hair. I find that those who do it because of the way it looks often relapse.

Over the years, I have learned so many cool things about my hair. It really is like havign a relationship. I am not an expert by any means; however, I am tremendously resourceful when it comes to learning about damn near anything (dusts shoulders off). I thought this would be a great post to kick off my “Five Things” segment to the blog…

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