Defining Curls using the Curly Girl method!

I am learning to work with my 4C, corkscrew curly, hair. I’ve gotten quite frustrated at times. It’s thin, fragile and has a very tight curl pattern. A friend introduced me to a book called:

Curly Girl: The Handbook                           by Lorraine Massey

I was really happy to read a book about curly girls and their curly hair problems and solutions. There were so many great stories and solutions. What I learned was that girls with curls, no matter what nationality, have struggled with taming, styling and understanding how to maintain their curls. It was actually very comforting!

The author, Lorraine Massey, is a hair stylist who has worked with many different curly hair types – including her own – and has so much great advice! The contents range from hair type and curl pattern to styling and homemade recipes for maintenance.

At this point, I have only tried one remedy for maintaining moisture and defining my curls – conditioner! Styling with conditioner is something I would have never thought possible. I know what you’re saying “you are supposed to rinse the conditioner out, then style.” NOPE, not curly girls! See, the thing about curly hair is that it is more fragile than straight hair. So, the conditioner helps to strengthen and fill in the holes in the hair shaft. It also works like a setting lotion. BUT, you can’t just use any conditioner. It has to be alcohol free and botanical. Botanical conditioner is combined with fruit oils, plant oils, and other emollients that are good for moisturizing your hair.

So here is the result of my testing this method:

I found my curl! I am so excited and have received so many compliments. Shrinkage is my only dilemma, and I’ve decided to no longer worry about that. My hair shrinks about 75-80% of it’s true length. It just is what it is!

5 thoughts on “Defining Curls using the Curly Girl method!

  1. My hair is naturally wavy and it takes about one hour to curl my hair with the spiral curling iron. But I love it! Having curly hair and styling my hair. Sometimes I wish my hair wasn’t wavy. There’s just so much hair and it gets in my face when I’m walking or sitting to read something or type on the computer. I do have a hair straightener – ceramic. Is it that we’re never satisfied with what we have and always want what we don’t? Or is there a real problem with curly hair. I’m here to say that there’s no problem with curly hair. This is me being supportive of every woman who was born with curly hair.

    1. V, thank you so much for your comments! It’s so inspiring to meet other curly girls who understand the struggle & realize that there really is no struggle at all other than learning to embrace & love what you have naturally!

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