5 Simple Things to Do to Lose Body Fat Faster

  1. Cut Out Little Calorie Creepers
    • Use Loseit.com to keep track of your calories. If you track everything you put in your mouth, including pieces of candy, cup of tea/coffee with cream, sugar, etc. you get a good idea of what little items pack tons of calories
  2. Ditch the Alcohol
  3. Sneak in Extra Cardio
  4. Make Sitting a Big No-No
    • Get yourself a kitchen timer and set it to go off every 30 minutes. Get up, move around, and stretch for five minutes once the timer goes off; if at work, create an appointment with a reminder on your calendar; walk over to your co-worker’s office instead of using the phone or e-mail; take the long way on purpose or walk up and down a couple of flights of stairs.
    • Sign up for a mobile app (Break Time or something similar) to remind you to take a break and exercise every 20-45 minutes.
    • If you’re watching TV,  M-O-V-E during commercial breaks
    • Consider getting an exercise ball chairicon for your core muscles and improving your balance
  5. Write Down your Goal on An Index Card – And Read It Several Times a Day
    • set SMART goals:
      • Specific

Source: 5 Simple Things to Do to Lose Body Fat Faster.

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